Terms of use: ExpectedScore


These rules are mandatory for all users of the xScore website. Ignorance of the rules does not relieve the user of responsibility for their violation.

1. Using xG statistics:

1.1. xG statistics are the intellectual property of the xScore project and are intended solely for personal use. Resale of xG statistics data from the xScore website in any form is prohibited and leads to account blocking.

1.2. Parsing data from the xScore website is prohibited and leads to a complete blocking of the account.

2. Using training courses:

2.1. XScore courses are for private use only and can only be viewed from one device. & Nbsp;

2.2. Any copying and distribution of courses from xScore is prohibited and leads to account blocking. & Nbsp;

3. Using the xTalk section: & nbsp;

3.1. The xTalk section is open. Any authorized user of the xScore website can write comments or have their own blog in the xTalk section. & Nbsp;

3.2. The xTalk section is intended for communication of site users exclusively within the section, the publication of any contact information for communication on third-party resources is prohibited.

3.3. Publishing links to resources that are in the Register of Prohibited RKN Websites is prohibited and leads to account blocking. & Nbsp;

3.4. All posts and comments posted in the xTalk section reflect solely the opinion of their authors, the xScore site administration is not responsible for the accuracy and legality of the information published on the forum.

3.5. The site administration has the right to delete any blogs and comments in the xTalk section that do not comply with the rules of the section. & Nbsp;

4. It is strictly forbidden:

4.1. Deliberate use of expressions that offend users or other persons, incitement of any kind of hatred. Any form of insult is prohibited.

4.2 & nbsp; Use of profanity.

4.3. Humiliation of human dignity in social, racial, national, religious, linguistic and similar aspects of communication. An insult to the culture, traditions and other national values ​​of any people or country.

4.4. Disrespectful attitude towards the interlocutor.

4.5. & nbsp; Aggressive behavior.

5. The xScore website administration has the right to apply the following sanctions to violators of the rules:

- Editing messages that violate the rules;

- Temporary or complete blocking of the ability to comment on the posts of users of the xTalk section and write posts in your own blog (the blocking period is set individually for each case).